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Buglight Theatre are a Yorkshire based company committed to making accessible, high quality drama inspired by a range of genres, styles and techniques. At the heart of our work is an exploration of untold stories or well-known stories told in a unique and different way, often with the human condition and what it means to be human in mind.


We create work through a unique creative process of research, devising, improvisation and experimentation. We work very collaboratively at all stages of development. The process empowers performers to create the work, using the collaborative skills of writers and dramaturgs, rather than the more traditional method of working, the other way round, of performers facilitating writers and directors to reach the end product.


Our  audiences are integral to our work and part of our creative process is to run workshops and engage with targeted groups to help inform our work and give our audiences a part in the creative process.


What are we up to now?

We have just complete our second R & D,  'Tricolour', with the support of Square Chapel Centre for the Arts and Sheffield Theatres Making Room Scheme.


We have just begun Departure Point, a 10 week company development programme with Theatre Delicatessan.


We are in preparation for our first Regional Tour of The House Behind The Lines, coming to Yorkshire venues  in Nov 2016. Please see our 'work' page for further information.









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